Sunday, January 09, 2011


Phantasmat - a game I've been working on since a long time - is out! It's a casual horror adventure game with Hidden Object and Match-3 gameplay. Lot's of fun!

I'm responsible for all concept art, characters (including animations), puzzles, Match-3 graphics and touching up most of final locations (lights, details etc.). I even painted the bloody crow, all single frames of animation (swearing like hell during the process). So you gotta see it. You can download the demo and try it for yourself.

Official website: Phantasmat - including trailer, screenshots, wallpapers etc. The game is on BigFishGames as well (#2 one day after release!). Collector's Edition only at the moment, but Standard Edition (without extra content and gameplay, but cheaper) is coming soon :)

Some concept art:

Some in game locations with mostly my work:

More images on game's and my own websites. Hope you'll like it :)


Anez said...

:D Super wyglądają te koncepty. Bardzo mi się podobają kolory i gra światła na obrazkach.

vin. said...

dziękuję bardzo :D sporo się na nich nauczyłam :)

NatePD said...

OMG. I played that game. I downloaded from bigfishgames and I was in love with the artwork! I can't believe I stumbled upon you on DA. Amazing <3

vin. said...

Thanks! Glad you liked it! :)

Severeine said...

The HOG game of the *century*. Amazing, astonishing..just wow. Wow. You have ruined all future games for me. Nothing will ever compare to this one. Fantastic work! More..I want more!! <3