Thursday, October 29, 2009

master's degree

Done with it. Finally. Got 5+ for my thesis (which is like A+) and I guess it makes me an official art historian now (History of Art, Univeristy of Warsaw) whatever it means. One more left to do this year (this time master's in graphics in Łódź city). And I'm done with studies. I miss free weekends and feeling like I can have few days for myself without worrying about how much I still have left to do. It's been seven years since I could honestly say so without anything bothering me at the back of my head. And I miss having time for my own projects, which I didn't have at all for the last few years as well. Which makes me feel stuck for some reason, I've so many ideas and if I had more time I'd be a much happier person now with a gallery I'm not ashamed of for a change.

Anyway, I'm still too busy to finish anything proper. But I found my moleskine, which my dear friend, Hb, got me few years back (and I forgot where I put it) and had some fun doing more lineart oriented stuff. I fell in love with this sketchbook for some reason. Will be posting these very soon (I hope).