Friday, May 28, 2010

Asian inspired.

As promised, some illustrations from my Master's Degree work. Some older, some just recently finished (well, today, first two). Many refs used, obviously. I studied lots of japanese patterns and ukiyo-e, also got inspired by some poses and photos (especially the girl with red and blue flowers in her hair, here's the link to this one, it's a really cool photo), though in the end nothing was referenced too direct anyway and most started as pencil sketches. Lots of fun with colours, that's for sure ;)

Oldest is at the bottom and it's also based on the Moleskine sketch I showed earlier. It's a fun experience (still ongoing, 3 or 4 more to come). I started with a more realistic approach to move towards something more graphic, flat, line based which is what I actually wanted in first place. I just never have the courage to just leave something flat and unpolished. I have to say newest two (at the top, brown and blue) are the ones I'm most fond of. At least for now.

Ah, a fun fact for those really into details - I'm a bit in a hurry with those, so I actually re-used lots of flowers and patterns I painted before. Or you can say I just got lazy. But I guess using my own art to create new one doesn't count as cheating, does it? ;)

Friday, May 07, 2010

a gift.

Busy as hell. As usual, I know. But thought I'll share a piece I painted for my Parents' 30th Anniversary. It was great fun to work on something personal and something, as it turned out, they liked a lot :) Hand painted in Photoshop CS4, it's actually a quick, unpolished work, but I like it that way.

Also it seems spring came. Kind of. Another year when it's cold as hell and I'm freezing all the time. But luckily I managed to have 3 days off in the woods with my friends and we even had some sun (the only sunny hours I seen last few weeks :/). We had lots of fun, spent one night sitting outside and another playing fun game inside (the one which was featured in Inglorious Basterds by Tarantino), sitting near fireplace. I forgot how much I needed such time and I miss it already.

By the way, some preview pieces from my Master's Degree coming soon, 'cause why not, some are ready since few months anyway. There'll be lots of geisha / japanese stuff there, I think I said a year ago or so that there'll be more coming ;)