Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Diploma work.

I actually have quite a lot to post. I just don't know where it is. Really. But anyway, I promised to some people on DA I'll show some of my diploma works. So, here it is. A photo showing how it finally looked, with all big posters printed and a bonus photo of some traditional (pencil) sketches which served as the appendix for the design work. It looks kind of out of proportion because of the camera's wide angle. Except for the places where it just IS out of proportions of course (can you tell I'm not satisfied with these?). But then again I only had around 5 nights to finish all of them, and had to draw really quick. Had no time for any corrections back then and I don't like it enough to do anything with it now, except maybe taking it to the basement when I stop feeling lazy.

For some of these (bottom 3, starting from the right) I based poses on DA stock. Sorry, forgot which, but I'm not going to re-post these anywhere and I didn't follow it closely anyway. Rest was drawn from live models.

Now, time to search for some more interesting stuff :)


Dona said...


Man, that looks nice. Especially that huuuuge poster *.* I'm sure it grabbed a lot of attention.

What is the third (from the left) poster about?

vin. said...

Thanks, Dona! :)

It's a poster with sample marketing products, like plates, bottles, bags etc. Mostly design work :)