Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Making of a face?

Just a small thingy I wanted to post few months ago. An animated gif showing the making of the face. Some things you can notice: at the end, when touching up the whole thing, I'm usually adjusting contrast and blocking in some bold shapes of colours. In this case it was blue on her cheeks (second light source) and some details in warm tones so the face seems more vivid. I do it, honestly, because when detailing I often lose the balance of colours, so whatever I had in mind at the beginning is usually lost at this point, and I have to fix it later anyway. I also repainted her eyes a few times, as at first the whole piece was supposed to be monochrome, but in the end I put more colour everywhere, so needed to adjust the face as well. Nothing that special but looks fun, I think :)


Final image still not finished. Oh, and this is not an animation, just WIP screenshots put together in one file, so don't tell me it looks like some frames are missing (I wouldn't write it if I didn't actually have people asking this before).


JJacks said...

Woah this is really cool and the result is beautiful. :0

vin. said...

thanks! :)

Aaymalia said...

Wow that's amazing! Thanks so much for showing us :D You're an inspiration!

vin. said...

glad you like it! :)