Sunday, November 14, 2010

Exotique 6

Back from holidays and working on new things at the moment. In the meantime Exotique 6 is just coming out and it has four of my pieces inside (3 pieces from Asian Inspired series and one from Taylor Holloway's The Living Dead). Here's the book's website and you can also get it on Amazon.

Check the book preview below. I can't wait to get my copy, there are lots of very inspiring pieces there!

There's also another book out now which features one painting of mine and it's called Zombies: A Hunter's Guide, published by Osprey Publishing, get it here. It features many good illustrations inside, if you're into such things, of course.

And that's all until I have more time to post something proper :)


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Aaymalia said...

Wow that's amazing! Wish I could buy that book haha being a broke college student SUCKS!

vin. said...

I know, it's quite expensive. But you can always get it on Amazon for almost half a price, around 35usd :) That's how I bought some of their books I wanted :)