Thursday, March 26, 2009

Painter XI

New version of Corel Painter is out! I have the honour to be one of few featured artists in program's welcome screen. Two of my pieces have been used:

I have to say it really feels amazing. I already participated in two Corel's exhibitions at Adapt Art Expo in Montreal (2007 and 2008), but this now feels really, well, global.

And, of course, I feel bad I didn't have anything better to show. Meaning still feeling bad about my old art. I need some time to work on some more personal and just better pieces. Really, my whole online work at the moment just doesn't show what I'd like it to show. I know, I'm boring. The urge to delete everything I publish online is really big.


Anonymous said...

Congrats and stuff :)

Dismas said...

Gratulejszynz. Ale to tak non-profit?

Jenny said...

thats awesome. congrats.