Tuesday, April 21, 2009

X-Men girls!

Just recently I re-read all issues of X-Men I have. And boy, it rocks. These comics were my life when I was a kid and Jim Lee, John Byrne and Mark Silvestri were my gods :) Right now I can't believe I used to hate Barry Windsor Smith (his Storm + Forge issue, when she lost her powers). I guess it wasn't a style easy for kids, but right now I just adore the way he draws. Anyway, that was just a cheap excuse for few quick (around 10-15mins each) pencil sketches, later quickly colored with a custom textured brush. Just for fun.

Actually I never, ever, posted a fanart online before.. And I probably never will in any place other than here. Especially on DeviantArt. Even though I do draw some once in a while. The thing is I see way too many "artists" getting instant 1000+ faves just because the really crappy pic they sent is a wanky fanart of Harry Potter, Naruto or something. And I don't want to know my art is liked just because it pictures something that is popular right now.

Although I am thinking of drawing few X-girls related pieces. As a tribute to my childhood, or something. I seriously wanted to be Storm when I was a kid. And I literally cried when they cut her hair into a mohawk. Funny how things change, as right now I think it was her best design. And I definitely hate the way new issues of X-Men look right now.

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SPLA5H said...

I'm glad you drew such a great mohawk Storm. When I was a teenager in the 90's, I loved that look!