Thursday, March 05, 2009


I'm done with two more of flower series. I think the daffodils one turned out pretty okay, can't say the same about dahlias. I mean I like the colours. I like the girl. I like all elements separately. But I don't like it as a whole. Maybe it's because it literally took me few hours, less than a day, from the very beginning to the end. And I really didn't think it over. So it sucks.

The daffodils one is going to be published as a tutorial in upcoming .PSD magazine (polish edition):

Anyway. I feel a bit crap about my online art galleries recently. It doesn't represent at all what I'm doing at the moment and seems like just some kiddie stuff. Definitely doesn't look as something I could call my portfolio or even art that seems mine. I've been thinking about deleting it all, but then again I hate when other people do this, so I guess I'll leave some. I can't publish yet what I'm fond of and don't have that much time to paint more personal pieces, so I guess it will take me some time to update it with more recent pieces, that feel more personal and are technically better.

So for a while if you think my gallery's crap and boring, believe me, I do agree with you.

As for other stuff, like health, well.. I keep fighting. It's not perfect. But I believe it goes in a good direction. Usually it's recently okay, with few minor breakdowns. I guess I just can't give up. And have faith it will all pass and be just fine. But most of it happens in my head and it's really hard to keep fighting with my own paranoid thoughts. I keep trying, though.


Anonymous said...

Well I do like both of your paintings, I see nothing wrong with the Dhalia. And as for your portfolios not representing you, the truth is that a couple of days ago I saw an avatar in a forum that I knew I had seen before but could not recall, I used tineye for searching but the artist did not came up. Then I though it looked like your style so I searched in all the communities you're in and finally found it. An old one I think the name is "Bad girl's dream" or something like that. The thing is that it thought it's your style, less polished though.

Dona said...

I love this new 'flowers' series of yours :) The girls are so gorgeous. I see what you mean about Dahlia - I think it's because there are too many colours in the background and there's so much going on in the whole picture. I love the girl's corset, tho, tell her to send it to me :D

About the gallery. I keep deleting my stuff (well, moving to dA Storage). You can always keep your galleries clean and tidy with the pictures you like and post all of your old work on the website. Make an 'old art' section or something similar, so people can still view your past work :)

I hope your health gets much better soon *hugs*

vin. said...

Dona, I actually have the corset she has, it was based on the one i own :D

as for gallery, yeah, i keep doing it as well, except for the fact i keep forgetting where da Storage button is.

As for Dahlia - i think my problem is I've been trying to make all elements too perfect - like her skin realistic, the flowers and background vivid.. to me the result is just boring. Oh, well.

Dismas said...