Monday, February 02, 2009

January bits.

Just two new quickies. Each took around 20-30mins, having fun with one brush in Photoshop and playing with lights a bit. I didn't really have time to paint anything except the work stuff. And as much as it's really exciting I can't show it for quite a long time.. So well, the quickies will do for now ;)

As for my new concept art job it's really challenging and fun. I get to work on many things which I rarely painted before and I can tell it teaches me a lot. Not to mention working in game dev is fun (except a really, really long commute I have - I spend around 11 hours outside home and it leaves almost no time for myself when I get back). If only my health would be all okay, I'd be really happy. It's just this, exam session and master's degree which I still have left that are bothering me at the moment..

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