Monday, December 29, 2008

end of 2008

So, Christmas has passed. It's been really nice. Except for the funeral of my aunt just two days before it. I hope, wherever she is, she'll find peace. Honestly I've never been to a wedding (really, never in my life), but attended too many funerals of people I cared for. Sometimes I wonder if this is a reason I prefer darker themes when painting. Somehow light, heartful ones just don't speak to me and, actually, they never did.

Anyway. I started a series on scents of flowers. Maybe because I needed to draw something simple and pretty. Or maybe because I fell in love with few smells and got inspired by it? I've also been doing lots of painterly sketches last days, so it felt good to do something more stylised. Here's first one:

Close up:

Also I promised some close ups for my recent piece, Misery. So here it is for those interested:

Close up:
Only few days till 2009 begins. I look forward to it, it's been a bad year and it's good it's going to end. Well, maybe not that bad, but last half of it turned my life upside down. Health related problems and such. It's still not great, but I really hope it'll get better and I'll be back in full shape, feeling strong and all that. The worst thing is uncertainty, even when I feel good I'm just afraid if it won't get worse. I'm just scared to be scared. And, believe me, it sucks. God, how I wish I was 21-23 again, these were years I was perfectly fine.

I'm also starting a new job (as a proper concept artist this time, before I worked as a general gaming graphic artist, doing lots of pixel art too) and as much as I'm excited about it I'm also afraid how I'll manage with getting up really early (long commute), writing my master's degree essay (history of art), finishing second master's course in another town (graphics) and finding time to work on my personal projects. It's going to be hard, but maybe all these chores will help me get better and forget about, well, other things. I hope so.

Anyway, wishing you all a happy new year :)


k.j.sturgeon said...

That's really interesting, basing images on scents. I think you definitely captured it. I can almost smell those beautiful flowers. *-* I love the detail on her collar. <3

I'm sorry to hear about your aunt. I can't stand being at funerals. I hate how silent everyone is and seeing people in coffins. They never look right. I don't understand why people would want to remember their loved one as something that's not.. them.

Good luck with your new job!

Dona said...

And I was wondering why you've been so silent lately :P

I really, REALLY love the Rose painting! I tried something similar last summer, but yours is 3293810 times better :P I honestly want a HUGE print of it on my wall. Her face and colours are enchanting :)

You should do more pieces like 'Misery' (narrative/illustrative)... I'd love to see more of your theater (or circus... I think it was? ._.) project. I know those take a lot more time than pretty portraits, though :((

Hey, don't worry, you'll be fine with your essays :) I wish I were doing my masters degree already, haha. And it's so cool you got a proper job! :DD
Wish I could send you a box of Guarana cans. That stuff can keep you awake like no other :P