Monday, February 07, 2011


Yet another art challenge with friends. This time the topic was: Medusa. Portrayed in a different than typical way.

I summed up few things usually associated with this creature: at first she was just a common monster but her myth has changed with times, later she was shown as a beautiful, yet dangerous creature, hunted by heroes but also loved by gods (Poseidon), with wings and serpent hair which she got after Athena turned her into a monster, being jealous of her beauty beauty (weird for a goddess of wisdom, but hey; she failed with the apple as well). So to show her in a different era I decided to put her in space opera setting and give her holographic wings. It was a nice exercise - something new for me, that I always liked, but never painted. I also didn't use any references at all, wanted to see how far I can go without it. Done in Photoshop and SketchUp (simple 3D model of the city in the background, which I later repainted).  

I might make a tutorial out of it, when I have time, as I saved most wip shots. Or just a usual gif ;)

close up:


Alexandra C. said...

hey.i reaaaly love your art <3 i was wondering if you could tell me how can one upload gifs to blogspot.i've tried but it doesnt work.i'd really apreciate.thank you :)

vin. said...

Thank you! As for animated gifs (you can post gifs on blogspot, but not animated) - I'm using my photobucket account and just link the gifs from there. It's a free hosting service that stores your images, password protected, and generates links for sharing. Very useful. Hope it helps!