Sunday, February 28, 2010

Moleskine again

Second batch of Moleskine sketches. I think it needs a bit of explanation first. I got Letraset markers for Christmas and started having some fun with them. Although I just got few colours, so my colour palette here is very limited. Still it was so much fun to be drawing with markers again.

So these are mostly just some random ideas to try out how they mix together. It turned out they pierce to the other side of the paper. It irked me at first, but then I thought it's actually fun and I sketched other things on those pages. That gave me two different, flipped pictures for one coloured piece. I didn't do all of them like that, but thought I'll post all pages anyway, even if half are just backsides of actual pics. I already started posting whole spreads here, so I might just as well continue with that. For those of you who are really observant there is one spread missing and one page is blurred. That's on purpose, these are 3 very personal pages to me and I won't be sharing them online :)
I'm thinking of re-doing some of those sketches into more finished work. When I'll have some time (ha, ha). We'll see. And since it's my first post this year - happy new year everyone! :)


Dismas said...
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Dismas said...

Bardzo ładnie:) A prawa część drugiego od góry wyraźnie z dużym niedoborem rutinoscorbinu;)

Sorry za bałagan - literówkę zrobiłem.

vin. said...

phi :P

Shilka said...

Wow, some of those artworks look damn amazing! keep up the good work :D

vin. said...

thank you :)

daniela said...

woooow you art it's amazing!
i can't believe they're just sketches,most of them look like final pieces to me!
and i love your style it reminds me a little of art nouveau and japanese style , which is awesome :)

vin. said...

Daniela - thanks. They are actually quite finished, as it can be seen. Although I kind of treat it all like a sketchbook with ideas for later use or a place to experiment, so I don't really treat those as final pieces for some reason.. Even if I spend quite a few hours on some..

Anonymous said...

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