Thursday, July 02, 2009

ink fun!

Long time since I had some time to post anything here. And sunnier days have come. In more than one meaning, which is great. I think. And hope :)

Aaaaanyway. I tried my patience with inks lately. I do it once in a while, like a real masochist. I just sit somewhere with my sketchbook and doodle all the patterns manually for hours, when usually I'd just make a pattern and use Stamp Tool to cover whole area with it in Photoshop. I call it patience practice ;) Lately I'm also again very much into 1900 graphics. Meaning Aubrey Beardsley, George Barbier and Virginia Frances Sterret. If you don't know them go check them now. They're amazing and one of my biggest inspirations.

Two samples out of few, ink on A5. I might use those ideas for something more. Have one project in mind already (someone just give me time for that.. argh).
Oh, I also feel the need to share some thoughts about Twilight (the movie). I know most won't even read it and the ones who will - will most likely be raging Twilight / that I-don't-think-he's-pretty-at-all guy fans but hey, it's my blog, I can babble here about whatever I want :D

I heard the film was a huge success so I decided to see it after reading most of the book as well (grew tired of it, but that's another story). And, wow, is it just me or was this movie really, and I mean really crap? I expected a kind of a 'guilty pleasure' thing, that is a bit silly but still enjoyable to watch, but instead what I got was: crappy acting (really, worst acting I saw in a long while), crappy scenario - scenes shattered randomly and I wouldn't get a clue why some were there if I haven't read the book. I mean, honestly, I was watching a major hit production and I had a feeling of seeing a really bad, B class film (to say the least)..

I do think it was a pretty movie, but just picture wise. It was filmed in a really nice way - with all landscapes and colours. But honestly.. even quite ridiculous dialogues from the book were shortened and, because of that, made even more silly. We laughed quite a few times while watching it and it wasn't because it was intentionally funny. Same about acting. It was more funny than serious and yet again I don't think it was on purpose. I wanted to write which scenes exactly made me laugh so hard, but luckily I forgot most of it an hour after watching it and don't really feel like watching it again. Ever.

After reading the book I thought I'd get a better, more "commercialized" version of it. But instead I got something even worse and even more boring and, wow, that's an achievement.

Okay, enough of babbling, back to doodling.


Dona said...

I love, love your ink images, as well as the quickie you posted before this. They're full of emotion, you should post more stuff like that :)

Ah, Twilight... my friend re-told me the movie. It was funny because he made hilarious sounds and acted half the scenes. My interest in seeing it is between -10 and zero XD;

Dismas said...

Wiadomo, Twilight to dno:) Co prawda obejrzałem cały, ale w połowie miałem ochotę wyflaczyć się przez nos.I to jakimś tępym narzędziem.
Co do rysunków to najbardziej podoba mi się ten drugi.
Keep it up:)


JJacks said...

Very beautiful, and stylish! I love the second one. The composition and movement is just amazing.